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2017-02-10, 11:43

Rabbit fur colors, part 1

In this article you can see rabbits in 4 of the agouti colors.

When we talk about rabbits there are 3 different categories. Agouti, otter and self.

Agouti is the color when the color is like a wild rabbit. These rabbits always have the agouti pattern with a white stomach, under the tale, inside of the legs, inside the ears and they also have a white ring around the eyes, inside the nose and under the chin. They also have a dark lacing around the ear tips. 

Hair division

Their hair is divided into a particularly pattern. They have a dark tip and the base have a dark color. The light colors have a light base, like creams and orange. When you blow on the fur to look at the hairs it forms like a circle.

This gene is the most dominant gene there is in rabbit colors. Two rabbits that is not agouti can never get agouti kitts. A agouti colored rabbit can carry genes for both otter and self. But not the other way around.


English gene code for Chestnut: AA BB CC DD EE 
French gene code for chestnut: AA BB CC DD GG


English gene code for Opal: AA BB CC dd EE 
French gene code for Opal: AA BB CC dd GG

Chocolate chesnut

English gene code for chocolate chestnut: AA bb CC DD EE 
French gene code for chocolate chestnut: AA BB cc DD GG


English gene code for fawn: AA BB CC DD ee 
French gene code for fawn: AA bb CC DD GG

I will make another article about other colors and patterns later on!

Picture of the chocolate chestnut: Elin Lundkvist, Ladingenskaniner.se
Picture of the fur of a chestnut: Angi Nordberg

-'  Malin Hultman, Host of Rabbit Savvity
Snowflake's Kaniner - Breeding of showjumping rabbits in Sweden
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