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2017-02-09, 21:40

Rabbit Savvity forum rules

Before you post anything in our forum it can be a good thing to look through the rules.

On Rabbits Savvity we have a few rules every member shall follow.

For all the sites and members of the Savvity Network these rules apply: Rules of Conduct

It's not allowed to:
• Do personal attacks
• Post pictures or text you don't own or have the permission to post. 

Remember that there are people here from countries all around the world. The laws you have for rabbits in your country may not be  in the other members country.

The (X) mark means that the thead can contain sensetive topics. As questions about dead rabbits, rabbits with wounds. So if you don't want to see the stuff in those threats don't enter them. It's not allowed to be rude there. 

When you want to point your post to someone special, it can be useful to write # and then the number of the comment. As if you answer anything to comment number 3 you say "#3" and then it's easy for everyone to know who you are talking to. 

Feel free to post a comment or make your own treath. The only thing that really is required is that all the post is about rabbits. Unless you comment in the "Scrapbook".

The rules is in progress!

-'  Malin Hultman, Host of Rabbit Savvity
Snowflake's Kaniner - Breeding of showjumping rabbits in Sweden
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