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Breeding with charlies or broken

On rabbits there is different patterns a rabbit can have with its color. In this article I will talk about the danger in breeding on just charlies or brokens.

We've probably all seen a rabbit that is broken. It is a white rabbit with a special pattern on its back. A good broken have like a cape shaped on it's back. 

Broken chestnut

But a broken can look really different. Everything from lots of white where they often are called charlies. 

But also the rabbits with lots of color that we call "over caped". Like this broken chestnut. As you see she don't have much white on her pattern. Just her feet, and little on her shoulders. 

As we talk about genetics a broken is a rabbit from two parents where only on of them is broken or charlie and the other is a solid. 

The gencode for a regular broken chestnut is: 
English code: A_ B_ C_ D_ E_ Enen
French code: A_ B_ C_ D_ G_ Kk

If you breed two broken with each other the result in patterns on the kittens will be 25% solid 50% broken and 25% charlie. 

A Charlie is a rabbit with dubble broken gene. As in:
English: EnEn
French: KK
The big letter means that the gen is dominant. A dominant gene can't be carried. So two solid rabbits can never get a rabbit that is either broken or a charlie. 

If you breed the broken gene with another broken gened rabbit it can be good to know that a rabbit that is a charlie have a high risk of develop a intestinal paralysis called megacolon. Rabbits that get this defect often don't live longer then 1 or 2 years. They often get problem with their stomach, like diarrhea or they won't eat. 

A Charlie rabbit will never be able to give birth (of be the father) of a solid rabbit. Just because the solid gene is recessive under the broken. 

Broken fawn

Cream charlie

English Spot

Important to know is also that even a English spot, Checkered gigant and Rhinelander have this genecode. It's just that they get the color in a specific patten that is accepted for expo.

Therefor it can be good to use a solid colored rabbit if you breed on a broken pattern breed. Just to lower the risk of getting charlies. And a solid rabbit after a english spot for example "carry" the gen of giving a right pattern rabbit. So it won't destroy it. Unless the rabbit have a gen of poorly markings.

Picture Broken chestnut: Emma Berntsson Lundberg, Emmchens.weebly.com Pictures of the others: Malin Hultman

-'  Malin Hultman, Host of Rabbit Savvity
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2018-05-12, 13:33

Great article! I've always wondered why people say you should be careful not to breed broken with broken.

- Emmy

Hostess of Guinea Pig Savvity

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