Your favorit rabbit breed

2017-02-09 21:56 #0 by: Mejalin

What is your favorit breed? 
Love to se picture/s of it as well. Laughing

-'  Malin Hultman, Host of Rabbit Savvity
Snowflake's Kaniner - Breeding of showjumping rabbits in Sweden
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2017-10-01 18:48 #1 by: =^_^=

I'm in love with the Belgian Hare. I've never owned, nor seen one in real life though - only in my dreams. (^_−)☆

2017-10-15 17:48 #2 by: Maleficum

Angora is my favourite!

A picture of my blind angora Kenzie :)

Edit: Seems I have problem with attaching a picture :(


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