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Rabbit cage laws

2017-02-10 11:12 #0 by: Mejalin

In Sweden we have laws that tells us how big cages must be and what you have to have in your cages to make them legally. 

As we are getting new laws for cages 2019 I will reference to them. Their cages are not allowed to be smaller then:
Rabbits between 0-2 kg:           0,5m2
Rabbits between 2-3,5 kg:       0,7m2
Rabbits between 3,5-4,5 kg:   0,8m2
Rabbits between 4,5-6 kg:       0,9m2
Rabbits over 6kg:                          1m2

The law also says that you rabbit always have to have fresh water and hay available. They are not allowed to live on wire flors and have to have either a house or a shelf they can jump up onto. If you have cages outside they need to be elevated from the ground in the vinter. There rabbits shall also have shelter from hot sun, rain, snow and other weathers. 

How is it in your country? Glad

-'  Malin Hultman, Host of Rabbit Savvity
Snowflake's Kaniner - Breeding of showjumping rabbits in Sweden
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2017-02-12 21:30 #1 by: Bunnykinns

It's so refreshing to hear that a country makes the welfare of animals important enough to have laws regarding cage sizing and suitability! In England we have recommendations and guidelines, but they are often ignored by uneducated people. I wish there was better signs in pet stores and that cages were not allowed to be advertised a rabbit cages if they are too small. In my opinion a rabbit should always have an area to run around in, no less than 3m2 and a safe place or little home around 0.5m2, so that they have a place to sleep and stay warm in. My rabbits have free run of the house in winter, free run of the house and garden in the summer. If I'm not at home during the day they have an insulated shed with outdoor runs in garden, so that they can stay safe, but get plenty of fresh air and sunlight during the day.

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2017-02-20 17:54 #2 by: Tealover

#1 sadly there are still quite a few people who either do not care or do not know of the rules around cages even in sweden.
And unleagal cages are sold in many petstores too (they say its the pet owners responsebility, wich is correct in a way but not morally)


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