Your first rabbit!

2017-02-24 19:39 #0 by: Mejalin

How did you get your first rabbit, how old were you and how did you decide that it was rabbits you wanted to get? Glad

Feel free to post information and pictures of the rabbit Shy

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2017-02-25 09:36 #1 by: Exempeel

I got my first bunny in 2011, when I was 13 years old. One of my closest friends had two bunnies and I really wanted one myself after I had met them. So I asked my mum and she said I should go and talk to my uncle, as he bred bunnies back then. (FIY he did not have cages for them, he had really big boxes in the stable for the bunnies and they were very well taken care off). 

Anyway, he said that I could have one of the baby bunnies of the litter he had then. We went to him the day the bunnies were 8 weeks old and I walked into the box and the only one who came to me was the one I chose, Exempel. 

I'll also attach some pictures from when he was around two and a half months old to when he was maybe three and a half month old. I actually don't know when these pictures where taken.

2017-02-25 10:21 #2 by: Mejalin

#1 He is so cute Heart

- - - - - - - 

I got my first rabbit the summer of 2002, I was 8 years old. A doe of the breed dvärgvädur (kind of a Scandinavian Holland lop) with the color broken tortoise. She was around 3 month old when I got her. And I was so exited. 

I had been asking my mom for a own pet for so long. And I decided that I wanted a rabbit after her requirement, "A pet you can have in a cage". And after that I had been visited a friend that had a rabbit. We went to the pet store and if I remember right there was 3 rabbits there at the moment. But my eyes got stuck on Findus, as I named her. 

She was a really happy bunny and was really clever. I used to "forget" her in the backyard sometimes so she run around there for several hours doing binkys and stuff. She loved to hid under our couch. And she was like the best first rabbit you can get. Heart

Sadly she passed away at the age of 3, due to the Myxo. Still miss her. Heart

The pictures I have of her is not so great but she was a beautiful bun! 

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2017-02-27 20:27 #3 by: benjie_and_luna

I never intended to get rabbits. My partner had owned two Netherland dwarfs when he was younger (first they were his sister's, but when she tired of them they went on to him) and when we talked about eventually getting a pet, he brought them up sometimes. I didn't have any positive experiences of rabbits, I was bitten by a friend's rabbit as a child and had only met mishandled bunnies living in too small cages, which lead to them being aggressive and generally boring animals. 
We talked about getting a dog, but we really didn't have the time. Cats where out of the question since half my family is super allergic to them. So sometimes when I was bored at night I looked at our local shelter's adoptable rabbits, just for fun, thinking I'd never have one myself. 

And then Benjie showed up in my Facebook feed. 

Again, and again. A little brown bunny that looked into the camera with a derpy expression. And he needed a home. He had a little heart nose and my own heart screamed for him. I had never owned a pet in my whole life and suddenly I realised, I'm an adult. If I want to take care of this rabbit, there's no one to stop me. It was such a strange feeling. 
After weeks of consideration we decided that we were the home for him, and so I started a crash course in everything rabbit. I spent every waking hour researching. Everything I thought I knew about rabbits turned out to be wrong! I had so much to learn. I still read every bit of new information I can get my hands on, even if I'm not as manic about it now...^^ I can't believe it's only been two years, everyone who knows me have labelled me "crazy rabbit lady", since it's all I ever talk about.

Anyway, Benjie is the reason I'm here on this site today (and on every other rabbit site...) and he's a fantastic little bun who just took us by storm. We've had him for two years and he's living happily cage free in our apartment with his best bun Luna I hope that we get many more years of this lovely little bun. He's ruined me for every other kind of animal.

2017-02-28 10:58 #4 by: Maleficum

My first rabbit was an over aggressive dwarf lop rabbit (born 2000) my cousins was scared to take care of so they asked if I could take him. I didn't want a rabbit but when he died I missed it so much so I got my first Angora rabbit and after that I always had at least one Angora living with me! (It's my brother ho have taken the picture because I didn't have a camera then).

2017-02-28 12:21 #5 by: Tealover

My first rabbit was "Minny" a cross/nonbreed (lantlkanin, inte lantras utan lantkanin. Nån som vet vad det heter på engelska?) that looked like the one in #4

I got her when I was about 7 so around 94 or so. I got her becouse we were all getting our own rabbits (we already had rabbits on our homestead since my mother was planning on keping them for meat). My older sister got "Hoppsan" and my little sister (that we all helped out with) got "Röbeka" (her name is Rebecca and she always named her things after her at that age but shi culdn't spell very well).

Back then there was no one who breed a specific breed so I only chose by looks.

She died a few years later when my mother forgot her in the day pen over night (wich had no roof so probebly a fox or something got to her).

2017-03-02 20:39 #6 by: Linny

My first rabbit was an New Zealand Red. I've no idea when or why I got it but I guess it was around 2000-2001. He was big and too heavy for me to handle as 5-6 years old but he was very cosy haha : ') He lived in a quite big box with the ability to go outside to an enclosure the first two or three years of his life, then we moved and he got to live in a very big enclosure with tunnels and stuff. He always was an expert to run away, he burrowed his way out and went to our neighbour's vegetable patch. We used to get a call from them letting us know he was there LaughingHe kept burrowing himself out even after we moved but never left the garden and always got back into his enclosure at dawn. He passed away at the age of six or seven years :)

Fun fact: He's the reason to why I fell in love with the breed sachsengold, they're basically a smaller version of nzr.

2017-03-07 10:10 #7 by: Papaya

My first rabbit was a Netherland dwarf, my mum had a thing for tiny rabbits so she got me one when I was about 7 years old (in 1999 or so). We've always had animals so it felt pretty natural to get a rabbit as well. Her name was Sussi, and she was the prettiest little thing. She loved walking around the garden, and she was always very kind to me. I remember she got two litters, but unfortunately she died during her second one, so my mum had to feed them by bottle. The babies got very attached to people after that, and we kept one who we called Marianne. She lived for a much longer time, and I even had a baby after her called Maran. She died just a few years ago. I'm so grateful for getting to know a bun like Sussi, if not for her, then maybe my rabbit adventure wouldn't have lasted this long. Heart Sussi is the biggest one in the picture.


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