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Your favourite veterinarians

2017-04-08 10:43 #0 by: Exempeel

Do you have any veterinarians you like who are specialized in exotic animals, that is bunnies? You can link them here so everyone else can call them when their bunnies are sick. Please write their location as well.

My favourites are:
Roslagstull - Located in Stockholm, Sweden
Mälarens Smådjursklinik - Located in Märsta, Sweden
Fågelkliniken - Located in Lomma, Sweden

These three veterinary clinics are the ones with most knowledgeable about bunnies and I always call them whenever Exempel is sick or when I am worried about him. 

2017-04-08 13:27 #1 by: McKyndree

My main Vet is DVM Julia Leese. She owns Mountain Empire Vet Clinic in Spokane Valley. On top of the vet clinic they have "Julia's Jungle" which is their no kill pet shelter that is located next to their vet's office. She is experienced in rabbits and has taken very good care of mine. I had to take a rabbit in in march for a tooth extraction and she treated him very well and did an amazing job!

2017-04-08 13:27 #2 by: McKyndree


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